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A VIEW OF YOU by Sean E. O’Connor

May 22, 2013

You turn to greet me
Brown hair whipping
Broad smile gleaming.

Your blue eyes mischievous
Brimming with life
Exciting as well as warm and calming.

Gradually our arms envelope
As we meld together
With a touch as gentle and sincere
As it is playfully exhilarating.

I close my eyes, still holding you
Yet seeing you lying in wait
For me stretched out in your bed.

Alas, with arms outstretched and
Fingers barely touching
The time comes when the embrace must end,
But no loss, lass,
‘Cause the view is lasting.


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  1. Author: Sean oConnor permalink

    originally I had a paragraph break before : Alas, with arms:::

    Anyone have an opinion or suggestion on that.
    I would appreciate any feedback; thanks!

  2. Sean O'Connor permalink

    Please ignore above comment – all is as it should be, or at least this poem.
    Thanks for reading !

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